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Evergreen Concrete specializes in commercial concrete & steel restorations, renovations, and new construction projects. We understand the unique requirements of commercial properties, including durability, safety, and compliance with local regulations.

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Your Full Service Commercial Specialty Concrete & Steel Contractor

Commercial concrete is an essential component of many construction projects, from office buildings and retail centers to warehouses and industrial facilities. Evergreen Concrete specializes in commercial concrete services and we have over 30 years of combined experience working on projects of all sizes and scopes.

We offer a wide range of commercial contracting services, including foundation work, rebar installation, shoring, scaffolding, slab pours, decorative concrete, parking lot installation, and general contracting services. Evergreen utilizes third party engineering firms and our structural steel fabrication contractor, Swenson Steel, for our blueprints and steel fabrication work. We understand that commercial projects require a high degree of coordination and communication. That’s why we work closely with our general contractors to ensure that their project is completed efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Your Infrastructure Safety & Integrity Experts

In recent years, the alarming increase in building collapses has underscored the urgent need for concrete restoration. This rise can be attributed to outdated construction regulations, inadequate engineering practices, and the overall environmental degradation affecting building materials. At Evergreen Concrete, we specialize in addressing these critical issues. Our team of seasoned experts is at the forefront of ensuring structural integrity, thereby safeguarding the well-being of all individuals connected with these at-risk buildings. We are committed to providing the essential care and attention that these structures require to stand the test of time.

From Concept to Concrete: Transformative Project Planning

At Evergreen Concrete, meticulous project planning and execution are cornerstones of our approach. Our project management and field teams engage in comprehensive pre-planning with clients to address key considerations such as safety protocols, constructibility assessments, budget constraints, scheduling, and phasing to maximize operational efficiency and minimize disruptions.

Our workforce is both agile and robust, capable of adapting to the unique scheduling requirements of each project. Whether operating under stringent timelines or modifying work phases to reduce operational impact, our commitment remains unwavering: to deliver superior quality work, on schedule, while upholding the highest safety standards for our team and our clients.

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Evergreen Concrete

Commercial Concrete/Steel & Contracting Services

Structural Concrete Repair

Evergreen Concrete is a leader in structural concrete repair, specializing in restoring the integrity of compromised structures. Our seasoned team employs cutting-edge techniques to ensure long-lasting solutions, making us a trusted partner in the enterprise construction industry.

Structural Steel Repair

Our expertise extends to structural steel repair, where we focus on enhancing the durability and load-bearing capacity of steel frameworks. Utilizing advanced welding and bolting methods, we deliver repairs that meet the highest industry standards.


Evergreen Concrete excels in formwork solutions, offering custom-designed molds for complex structural elements. Our precision and attention to detail ensure that your project's formwork meets the most stringent quality and safety benchmarks.

Helical Pilings

We are specialists in helical pilings, providing foundational support for structures in challenging soil conditions. Our engineering prowess ensures that each piling is installed to maximize stability and load distribution.


Our investigation and inspection services are second to none, offering comprehensive assessments of structural integrity. Utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we provide actionable insights that are invaluable for maintenance and repair strategies.

Fireproofing & Refactoring

Evergreen Concrete is adept at fireproofing and refactoring, enhancing the resilience of structures against fire hazards. Our application of industry-leading fire-resistant materials ensures optimal safety and compliance.

Shoring Scaffolding

Evergreen Concrete is a trusted name in shoring scaffolding, providing robust and secure support systems for complex construction projects. Our engineering expertise ensures that each scaffolding setup is tailored to meet specific load-bearing requirements, making us an indispensable partner for those in the enterprise construction industry seeking safety and reliability.

Structural Strengthening

We offer structural strengthening services that fortify weakened or aging structures. Utilizing advanced materials and techniques, we enhance the load-bearing capabilities and extend the lifespan of your assets.

Moisture Control & Waterproofing

Our moisture control and waterproofing services are designed to protect your structures from water infiltration and damage. Employing the latest waterproofing technologies, we offer solutions that stand up to the most challenging environmental conditions.

Rebar Installation

Evergreen Concrete is a pioneer in rebar installation, providing reinforced steel frameworks that enhance structural integrity. Our meticulous installation process ensures that your construction projects meet and exceed industry standards.

Facade Repair

Our facade repair services focus on restoring the aesthetic and structural elements of building exteriors. Utilizing a range of materials and repair techniques, we rejuvenate facades to their original glory while ensuring long-term durability.

Water Damage Repair

We offer specialized water damage repair services that address the unique challenges posed by water infiltration. Our rapid response and effective solutions make us a go-to contractor for mitigating water-related structural issues.

Balcony Repair

Evergreen Concrete excels in balcony repair, restoring both the safety and aesthetics of your outdoor spaces. Our team employs advanced repair techniques to ensure that your balconies are both visually appealing and structurally sound.

Masonry Repair/Rebuilding

Our masonry repair services are designed to restore the structural and aesthetic integrity of brick, stone, steel, and concrete elements. With a focus on durability and craftsmanship, we deliver repairs that stand the test of time.

New Concrete & Foundation

Evergreen Concrete is a leader in new concrete and foundation construction, offering tailor-made solutions for complex projects. Our expertise in foundational engineering ensures that your structures are built on a solid base, meeting all industry standards.

Engineering & Blueprint Design Solutions

Evergreen Concrete offers specialized engineering and blueprint design solutions, ensuring your projects are both innovative and compliant. Our third party team of engineers and designers work in tandem to create blueprints that are both practical and efficient.

TCP (Thin Concrete Paving)

We are experts in Thin Concrete Paving (TCP), providing durable and cost-effective solutions for roadways and large surface areas. Our TCP services are engineered for longevity, meeting the industry's most rigorous standards.

Infrastructural Upgrades (OSHA Safety Plans)

Evergreen Concrete specializes in infrastructural upgrades that align with OSHA safety plans, enhancing workplace safety and compliance. Our targeted improvements address potential hazards, ensuring your operations meet federal safety guidelines.


Our team is proficient in shotcrete applications, offering a versatile and efficient method for concrete placement. Ideal for complex shapes and hard-to-reach areas, our shotcrete services deliver structural integrity where traditional methods fall short.

Evergreen Concrete

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Unparalleled Expert Services

Our team can work alongside your engineers, project managers, architects, and other personnel to ensure that all your unique concrete construction needs are met on time, within budget, and using the best quality materials and safety standards in the region.

Certified, Bondedable & Insured

We are a certified, bondable, and insured concrete company with an excellent track record and plenty of experience. We also specialize in all aspects of concrete construction whether that be vertical or horizontal

Full-Service Commercial Concrete & Steel Contractor

We can cater to all forms of new concrete commercial projects and structural restoration projects. Ranging from beachfront properties, government buildings, retail stores, churches, restaurants, educational institutions, apartment complexes, parking facilities, sports complexes, residential homes, and much more.

Exceptionally Trained and Seasoned Staff

Regardless of the complexity, distinctiveness, or seemingly insurmountable nature of your concrete construction project, our specialists at Evergreen Concrete are well-equipped to handle tasks of all degrees of challenge.

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