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Evergreen Concrete is your go-to expert for residential concrete and general contracting services, offering a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to enhance your home's value and functionality. We recognize the distinct needs of residential projects, focusing on quality craftsmanship, safety, and adherence to local building codes to transform your living spaces.

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At Evergreen Concrete, we bring unparalleled expertise to a wide array of residential services designed to elevate your home's aesthetic and functional appeal. Our specialty areas include crafting stunning new patios that serve as an extension of your indoor living space, replacing aging driveways with durable and visually appealing surfaces, and installing stamped concrete that adds a touch of artistry to your property. Our stamped concrete options offer a multitude of designs and finishes, allowing you to customize your outdoor areas to reflect your personal style.

Beyond aesthetic upgrades, we also focus on essential structural elements that contribute to the longevity and safety of your home. Our services extend to constructing robust concrete sidewalks that enhance both the curb appeal and accessibility of your property. For those looking to remove outdated or damaged concrete, our concrete removal services are executed with precision and care to prepare the area for new installations. Additionally, we specialize in laying concrete foundations that serve as the bedrock for your residential structures, ensuring stability and compliance with local building codes. Trust Evergreen Concrete to transform your residential spaces into enduring landmarks of quality and style.

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Residential Concrete & General Contracting Services

Driveway Replacement

Elevate the entrance to your residence with Evergreen Concrete's premium driveway replacement services. Our specialists meticulously design and install driveways that not only enhance your property's aesthetic appeal but also offer long-term durability and performance.


Enhance the accessibility and aesthetic appeal of your property with our concrete walkway services. Our expertly crafted walkways offer both functionality and style, guiding you through your outdoor spaces.


Transform your outdoor living space with our custom patio installations. Our team works closely with you to design a patio that complements your home and lifestyle.

Concrete Repairs

Our concrete repair services focus on restoring structural integrity and appearance. Whether it's a minor crack or significant damage, we provide lasting solutions that extend the life of your concrete surfaces.

Stamped Concrete

Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor spaces with our stamped concrete services. We offer a wide range of designs and finishes, allowing you to customize your concrete surfaces to your taste.

Concrete Foundations

Evergreen Concrete lays the groundwork for your home with robust concrete foundations. Engineered for stability and longevity, our foundations meet all local building codes and regulations.

Concrete Removal/Demolition

When it's time to upgrade, our concrete removal services make way for new possibilities. We handle the demolition and debris removal with precision, preparing your space for its next chapter.

Demolition & Hauling

When your driveway or patio is marred by cracks and potholes, it's time to consider a refresh with Evergreen Concrete. Our licensed demolition experts will meticulously remove your deteriorating concrete and manage debris removal, setting the stage for a pristine new installation.

General Contracting

Evergreen Concrete offers comprehensive general contracting services, managing all aspects of your residential construction project from start to finish. Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures seamless coordination, delivering quality craftsmanship across various trades.

Unparalleled Expert Services

Our team can work alongside your engineers, project managers, architects, and other personnel to ensure that all your unique concrete construction needs are met on time, within budget, and using the best quality materials and safety standards in the region.

Certified, Bondedable & Insured

We are a certified, bondable, and insured concrete company with an excellent track record and plenty of experience. We also specialize in all aspects of concrete construction whether that be vertical or horizontal

Full-Service Residential Concrete, Steel, & General Contractor

Evergreen Concrete is your trusted partner for residential contracting services, specializing in both new construction and structural renovations. Our expertise spans a diverse range of residential projects, including single-family homes, multi-unit residences, outdoor living spaces, and community amenities, ensuring quality and durability in every endeavor.

Exceptionally Trained and Seasoned Staff

Regardless of the complexity, distinctiveness, or seemingly insurmountable nature of your concrete construction project, our specialists at Evergreen Concrete are well-equipped to handle tasks of all degrees of challenge.

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